Why you need a Solicitor to check you Contracts and Agreements

by Geeves Silva Operations Manager Business Affairs, Personal Matters, Property Services

“….spend a couple of grand on your contract, Lawyers exist for a reason. This (the Contract) is the only thing that you have. It’s the only thing.” Nick Jenkins, Dragon’s Den (BBC2 Series 13 Episode 11)

Did you see Dragon’s den last Sunday (BBC2 Series 13 Episode 11)?

Entrepreneur Caner Veli pitched his waterproofing product Liquiproof to the Dragons.
You could see immediately that the Dragons loved the product and thought it had great potential. Sarah Willingham said “It’s the first pitch I’ve clapped at anyway!”

Caner was seeking a £100,000 investment for 5% of his business which effectively values the business at £2,000,000.
On further questioning, the entrepreneur’s contract with the product manufacturer became an issue. The contact I turned out, was written and checked by the Entrepreneur and a friend. In the words of Nick Jenkins, “….spend a couple of grand on your contract, Lawyers exist for a reason. This (the Contract) is the only thing that you have. It’s the only thing.”

Caner Veli lost 4 of the five Dragons because of that poorly worded Contract. In the end, Touker Suleyman did invest in the Entrepreneur, but taking 50% of the business in return for the £100,000 and on the strict condition that the contract was sorted out.

As Hodders we see a lot of this. Entrepreneurs, Business owners, Contractors all coming to us to sort out the problems they have because of either poorly worded contracts, no contracts at all or contracts that are very one sided.

At Hodders, Sherine Silva, as well as being Head of the SME Business Department, is also Managing Director of the Firm. She is used to running a business and dealing with contracts for Hodders as well as helping clients negotiate and write contracts that can be relied upon down the line.

And if things should go wrong, James Tompkins and his litigation team can help you to try and save the day with their commercial litigation experts.

If you are entering into contracts or agreements, whether it’s with suppliers, contractors, shareholders, partners, or even over a property lease, contact our SME Business team and get things right, so that it doesn’t cost you money or even an investment, later on.

Contact the Business Team now if you are about to enter into an agreement or contract or if you are in difficulties as a result of a contract or agreement.

Hodders Law Immigration Team Achieves 100% successful applications (so far)

by Thejaka Pinidiya Solicitor Head Of Immigration Business Affairs

Since June 2015, the Hodders Immigration department having registered 60+ new clients.
Of those 40 matters have been instructions for Home Office applications for various categories from personal immigration to business immigration.
Out of those 40, 14 applications have been decided by the Home Office to this date (on average Home Office can take around 3 to 4 months to make a decision).

All 14 applications have been successful.

These applications were challenging applications given the circumstances round the applicant’s immigration history – these applications included surrogacy children living outside the UK, people with removal directions, previously refused applicants and poorly advised clients with low merits of success. We make detailed representations and present evidence on behalf of the client’s including the preparation of effective personal statements mirroring the law and the immigration rules onto the facts of those statements.

The key elements why these applications have been successful and our confidence of the majority of applications being successful in the future, is that our ability to provide solutions within the immigration law and presenting the application effectively to the Home Office beyond the threshold of the requirements within the immigration laws and also using arguments along the lines of Human Rights Law to compel the Home Office to use their discretion. We have achieved 100% success in our Entry Clearance applications both for business visas and personal visas.

If you would like Hodders to take on your application, then contact our dedicated Immigration Team for a free no obligation assessment of your case.

08442 640 290 | immigration@hodders.co.uk | www.hodders.co.uk

Human Rights Act1998(HRA) vs. the new government

by Thejaka Pinidiya Solicitor Head Of Immigration Business Affairs

–has HRA reached its expiry?

Tony Blair’s legendary legislation which adopted the European Convention for Human Rights (ECHR), is now under deliberations by the Tory – to replace by a Bill of Rights with UK values and traditions as its main ingredients as oppose to ECHR influence.

HRA was introduced to ‘bring home’UK’s obligations under the ECHR. UK is still a signatory state. Withdrawing as a signatory member would set a negative example to the member states and rest of the world. As long as UK remains a signatory member, UK citizens can rely on European Court for Human Rights in Strasburg as a final ruling court.

In a speech, David Cameron has strongly voiced his concerns and a need for a Bill of Rights replacing the HRA. The new government’s aspired Bill of Rights will highlight and outline the core values of the British Law in order for the judges in Strasburg courts to appreciate such domestic values when ruling against the UK government decisions and policies.

A foremost reason for a change to the HRA is the threat of terrorism to the UK and dealing with deportations of suspected terrorists. UK’s boarder controllers are faced with formidable challenges by the provisions of the HRA and its interpretations by the Strasburg judges.

The new government may look intensely into the change from the HRA to a Bill of Rights with the aim of preserving the greater protection of the UK society and its values. However the new government may face its challenges from backbenches and those who hailed the HRA in 2000 as a remarkable piece of legislation and a legislation that was long overdue.


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